chris cantrell

Designer of Services | Experience Strategist


Ascent Design System


After years of design and tech debt, SurveyGizmo decided to emabark on redesigning the app through the use of a componentized design system. 

Survey Audience

Survey Audience Header

SurveyGizmo needed a way to provide customers with the ability to source respondents on their own without going through our Survey Audience Services team.

Ethnographic Study - Chronic Patients

Ethnographic Study 

Data Synthesis – Chronic Patient Ethnograpic Research

We had the opportunity to talk with people with chronic conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Chronic Pain from Scoliosis. Gaining this fresh perspective provided us with insights of how Healthgrades can fill in gaps in its service offering, and meet consumers where they are, thus becoming a trusted medical source.

Open Comment Reviews

Open Comments – Healthgrades

Healthgrades has been a major source of information for patients seeking to make an informed decision about their healthcare. Healthgrades had an existing patient experience survey consisting of 8 questions, but had never incorporated open comments into their survey.

Finding a Doctor Journey Map

Finding A Doc Journey Map
Journey Map Finding a Doc

Having the opportunity to perform an ethnographic study was something new to Healthgrades. Through this we gained insight to the journey taken by our users to find a doctor and were able to determine 16 behavioral trends, gain perspectives, emotions and nearly 40 actionable insights to drive Healthgrades' strategy.


Feel free to browse more of my past work from SurveyGizmo, Healthgrades and SCAD.