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The Prescription Management System

Script’d is a personal EMR to be kept.  There is a disconnect in communication between doctors, patients and pharmacists. With Script'd a patient will be able to share their prescription history with their doctor without having to remember a list or a slip of paper. The doctor will be able to prescribe within the system, and see if any known allergies or other drugs will interact harmfully with this new prescription.  The pharmacist  will then be able to fulfill the prescription from the doctor through the Script'd system.  This allows for better communication between all parties.

Project Brief

Timeframe: 10 Weeks
Tasks: Research, Design of a New Service


Script’d is designed to help patients communicate with and between doctors and pharmacists so as to help them manage their healthcare.

The Problem

Many people, have a tough time remembering what medications they have been prescribed and are currently taking, this creates issues because patients need to clearly communicate the medications they are taking to their health care providers.  Communication breakdowns can occur between patients and doctors, doctors and pharmacists, and pharmacists and patients, and the errors can occur in both directions between parties.

Currently patients rely on their memories, pieces of paper and other ways of remembering what medications they are on. There are many breakdowns or pain points in the process that can occur. Papers and easily lost, and memories are not reliable, especially with added responsibility (many children) or age.

The Solution

Script’d is designed to be an integrated experience allowing patients to keep track of your prescriptions. This online database allows patients to securely store and upload their current prescriptions, past prescriptions, known allergies, affecting decisions for new prescriptions along with other functions, allowing people to have their basic medical and insurance information logged onto the Script’d database so when the patient goes to the Doctor’s office or Hospital, paperwork is significantly reduced.

In case of an emergency and the patient is passed out, paramedics will be able to access the patient’s script’d files so they know the individual’s medications, and allergies so that there is no inadvertent medical complication.
The Script’d database is accessed through an online portal by way of an individual’s ‘Script Key’, a device that lives on their keychain and acts as the security to the account.

Script’d’s service is web based, but the physical touchpoint is the Script-Key. This is a square keychain on the key ring with an embedded RFID chip that allows patients to give their doctor and/or pharmacist access of their files through a web-enabled device.

Script'd Business Model

The Script'd Business Model speaks to all of the different customer segments, customer relationships, channels, the value proposition, key activities, key resources and the key partners.  The Revenue streams and cost structure are left blank as part of the project.

Script'd Service Model

The Service Model shows how Enabling and enhancing services support the core service and supports the Customer activity.