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AT&T Reimagined

We reimagine AT&T's service offerings 

In 2009, in a service design class at SCAD, we focused on AT&T to build new services around their current infrastructure in order to find design opportunities and attract new customers.

Through researching AT&T, we found there are problems with the
in-store buying experience that can turn people away, as well as problems with allowing people access to all their data. These were issues we had in mind while going forward.

Project Brief 

Timeframe: 9 Weeks
Designers: 12
Tasks: Research, Data Analysis, Design of New Services


The goal of this project is to develop new services for the AT&T brand to attract customers and find design opportunities.

ATT Service Blueprint
Pain Points found through service blueprinting the journey.

Through researching AT&T we found there were problems with the in-store experience, that can turn people away, as well as problems with allowing people access to all their data.  These were issues we had in mind going forward.

ATT Service Ecology
Understanding the user data relationship.

After researching the in-store experience, we started to develop out personas and found that power user needs access to many types of media and a way to keep track of it all.  We switched our thinking from a device dependent mentality to a content focused approach.

ATT User Flow
Data flow from user to user.

After realizing the data should be at the center rather than the device, we started to understand how the data should flow between uploading data, sharing, collaborating and managing.  This is the flow showing how the data travels through the new service of the cloud based "home hub".

Your Data at Your FIngertips
Data at your fingertips.

At the center of this service is the at&t home server allowing for content back up, accessible at any time from any device. If a device should fail or access to data be needed, all the information is mirrored on at&t's remote servers, ensuring accessibility to media anywhere and any time.

ATT InStore V-Rep
Your account connected to the retail experience.

The "V-Rep" improves the in-store experience by allowing customers to make simple purchases in store without waiting on a live representative to help them buy simple items, such as a phone case.  This connects with the at&t customer through the "at&t rewards card" which engages across the whole platform by rewarding the customer for interactions throughout their whole experience through this at&t data-centric system.