"Go Dutch" Private Jet Charter, Ride Share Service

Air Share is a private aviation charter service for businesses and business professionals, meeting their need to reach their destination in a timely and cost efficient manner. Unlike Net Jets or other private aviation charter services, this is a ride share service providing the same benefits of private air travel while saving our customer money.

Air Share allows multiple parties to fly privately to a destination with each paying a portion of the total cost. Currently charter services provide an open leg flight to clients on its return leg. Businesses need the flexibility to choose their own flight while reducing cost.

Consumer Needs

Air Share’s target customers are business professionals whose time is money. While flying privately is expensive, the opportunity cost of working longer and getting to their destination on their own time is more cost effective. They need to get to their destination on time, to work on their way to and from their destination without interruption, to have the reliability that a private jet affords them, and save money

Identifying operating cost and revenue streams

Private jets are expensive to own, charter, and operate. For a medium sized business jet, the average cost per hour to operate is approximately $1000. The charter pricing rate for these jets is $4000 per hour, thus the profit is 3X the cost. Air Share will lease aircraft at operating cost plus an additional $1000 per hour. With two or more clients sharing a flight, revenue increases by 50% and profits increase by 100%.


Air Share will adopt market pricing standards, as clients ride share that flight their individual fare is reduced by 25%.


The deliverable for AirShare was the website. I developed a few GUIs for the website and created a UX flow for the website.

This Shows the UX flow for the AirShare website. I didnt have the opportunity to do much UX in school, but this gave me an oportunity to explore these skills.