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Past Projects

At the Savannah College of Art and Design, I grew as a designer, as an artist and as an explorer.  This experience exposed me to different design disciplines and helped me focus my personal design philosophy.

ATT Store Front
AT&T Reimagined

In 2009, in a service design class at SCAD, we focused on AT&T to build new services around their current infrastructure in order to find design opportunities and attract new customers.

Script’d Logo

Script’d is a personal EMR to be kept.  There is a disconnect in communication between doctors, patients and pharmacists. With Script'd a patient will be able to share their prescription history with their doctor without having to remember a list or a slip of paper. The doctor will be able to prescribe within the system, and see if any known allergies or other drugs will interact harmfully with this new prescription.  The pharmacist  will then be able to fulfill the prescription from the doctor through the Script'd system.  This allows for better communication between all parties.

Airplane_in_ hanger
Air Share

Air Share is a private aviation charter service for businesses and business professionals, meeting their need to reach their destination in a timely and cost efficient manner. Unlike Net Jets or other private aviation charter services, this is a ride share service providing the same benefits of private air travel while saving our customer money.

Garden Tools_3
Garden Tools

There are times when digging with small garden tools, just does not allow for the leverage that one needs. This set of redesigned tools allow the user to increase downward leverage.